Cupiennius bimaculatus 

Cupiennius bimaculatus comes uner species of the Cupiennius banana spider , a type of banana Spider whose Known range is Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Guyana, Ecuador .

Cupiennius spiders are usually large, furry, brown spiders with long, thin legs. Bright red hairs on the mouthparts of some species of this genus distinguish it from other spiders of similar appearance.

As a genus of spiders native to Central and South America, Cupiennius is commonly referred to as banana spiders since bananas are the plants on which they are most often found.

These spiders are often found in banana shipments imported from other countries. Cupiennius spiders are also known as hunting spiders or huntsman spiders because they hunt rather than spin webs.

Cupiennius bimaculatus pictures

Cupiennius bimaculatus
Photo Credits - iNaturalista

People says it is Tropical Wandering Spider.